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urban uncial

I am being tortured by an idea in need of a venue.

Imagine the Ten Commandments done in graffiti rather than medieval calligraphy. Imagine any religious or philosophical text appearing on the wall of a building as you ride to work.

Monks from modern-future day temples move about the city, moving from one neighborhood to another, spreading their scriptures through "urban uncial" -- scriptures written in graffiti, tagging boarded-up buildings, privacy fences, derelict autos, and subway cars with their verses. The carpet page, the initial letter, is done as a piece, whereas the rest of the verse is done a little more legibly and with fewer colors.

Naturally, other artists will put their marks over the scripture, but in due time, the monks will return to produce another verse of graffiti scripture. Some of the graffiti verses come to be held in such high regard by other graffiti artists and locals that the word goes out to leave them as they are. The wall or fence becomes enshrined, with other artists offering graffiti prayers around and nearby. However, if a venerated piece is marked, the locals overpaint it and correct it with their own stylistic additions. The scripture becomes a living text, as monks and followers have an exchange of ideas and beliefs through graffiti.
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The Last Airbender

I saw it. Well, part of it. The 3D digital projector was buggy. It stopped 45 mins into the story, jumped back to the beginning, skipped forward 20 mins, and started playing a scene I had already endured once over again. I left and got a refund.

I might have been inclined to endure the bad DVR experience if the film had been in any way rewarding. But it wasn't. It was a death march, a series of hamfisted attempts at acting, really poor directing, bad casting and horrible translation of characters from animation to film, where the only release was to know that very soon, the credits would roll, you could go somewhere to drink and forget the experience.

There's a scene where a guy in the background, dressed as an Earth Kingdom dude, is sweeping the path along which the heroes walk by. Except that it was obvious he had been given this broom and told to do something with it when the cameras started rolling, without anyone in charge attention thinking about the fact that he's sweeping a dirt path strewn with gravel. What was he hoping to achieve with that?

It's a very small thing, but the entire movie was littered with things like that, which made me grind my teeth. When the DVR failed, I got to leave that much early and begin drinking.
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I'm not smarter than a fifth grader

Tuesday night, I caught the game show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?". I was kinda surprised at the things I thought I knew that were wrong, and stunned by the sort of things that current 5th graders know that I sure didn't when I was their age: "Grover Cleveland was the president of the USA when the French gave the Statue of Liberty to us? Huh."

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a thought

It just occurred to me another reason why mages/wizards/warlocks were disliked.

They were socially uppity and were probably responsible for your milk souring.

They dressed better than their station, which by medieval social doctrine was just not so. The only people who should display wealth and luxury are nobility. For some jumped-up nobody to dress in fine clothes and wear lots of finely wrought jewelry was disrupting the fabric by which the medieval world worked. As below, so above. If everyone acted properly on earth, the heavens would behave themselves and give fair weather, favorable portents to enterprises, your cattle to fatten up nicely, and your children to be healthy and plentiful.

Mages are just bad all around, you see.

And yes, I made all of this up right this moment.
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Why I'm not being invited to the tea party

I'm coming to the conclusion that the appeal of the Tea Party is that it's sanctioned Voters Behaving Badly. You're given a pitchfork and a torch to burn down someone's castle, or hunt down old grannies who have osteoporosis, skin afflictions and live with cats. Like the witch hunt mob from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, without the cool logic of Sir Bedevere to guide them.
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United States of Mexico

The Canadian Prime Minister announced the building of a great wall across the boundary of the US and Canada, "to stem the tide of illegal senior citizens coming to Canada for cheaper drugs. Our country cannot support itself and the citizens of another nation, particularly one locked in the grip of pharmaceutical drug cartel, numerous money scandals, and vicious political infighting." The Canadian State Department also issued travel alerts to all Canadian citizens traveling abroad to the United States, in light of the poor water quality and rampant environmental pollution. "When you go, don't drink the water."

Some in the government have compared the United States to Mexico, and have begun calling it informally the "United States of Mexico" in jest. This generated outrage from the Mexican government which stated that, if anything, the United States should be called "The United States of Tex-Mexico", since the US can't make Mexican food well.

In order to assuage ill will these declarations are certain to create, the Canadian PM said that Canada would be willing to welcome anyone who wishes to move north and become a legal citizen, "as long as they learn the language; both of them. We will also require all immigrants to take a remedial spelling class to learn the proper way to spell words like 'rumour' and 'colour.' We don't think it's asking too much to learn the Queen's English, really."

The northern states of Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana have also been declared to be Canadian sister states, and all citizens of those states are recognized as "unofficial citizens of Canada, given that they are practically Canadians in almost every way, as it happens." Idaho, Washington, and all of the New England states are being disputed, as the Canadian government wasn't certain that they really wanted them.
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Train Man: Densha Otoku (the movie)

(because there seems to be a TV series of the same name, it seems)

I wasn't quite certain what I was getting myself into with this. But I enjoyed it.

Plot: A grade-A, certified otaku sees a beautiful woman on the train and stands up for her against an abusive drunk. From this a romance lurches forward miraculously, as he is encouraged/goaded on by other members of the online community he lives on.Collapse )